Saturday, February 05, 2011

Access Denied

I met recently with an official from Newark and Sherwood District Council who told me that applications for mortgage rescue had more than doubled in the month of January 2011.

Several of my workers are reporting a perceived upsurge in the numbers of clients experiencing mortgage difficulties.

So the signs are out there. More people are at risk of losing their home. This is a worrying development. Especially in light of the imminent closure of the Newark County Court in September.

At the moment, individuals can turn up to court on the day their property is due to get repossessed and get help (and representation in court) from our Court Desk Specialists.

At the very least we would secure an adjournment to stop the repossession.

This gives more time for our Floating Support Services to go in and sort the underlying social problems and for CAB to deal with the complex debt issues.

We've saved many peoples homes from repossession this way.

Now though, the Newark Court is closing with all its business being transferred to Nottingham.

Of course we are going to try to carry on delivering this service but The floating support services which underpin the court desk are being cut by 60%. Our partners in the CAB also have an uncertain future.

However you divide this shrinking cake, the most disadvantaged are going to end up with crumbs. In other words..

Reduced access to justice
Reduced access to support
Reduced access to advice


  1. This ius the problem isnt it? More and more complementary services to ours are closing and soon there will be nothing left!!

  2. Thanks for commenting Sara..

    Yep too many complimentary services being targeted. The gaps that our clients used to fall through are going to become a little bit bigger..